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About us:

     We have always had dogs as part of our family. In fact dogs, among other pets, were our family before we had kids. When we lost our rescues to old age we researched for the best dog for our family. Loving all the traits of the Goldendoodle we fell in love and adopted our first pup! We have always had 2 or 3 dogs at a time so our next pup came quickly and it just made sense to raise these awesome dogs! Now we call Jetta, Lily, Porter,Roxy, Tess and Scarlet as family members!  Our dogs are very calm and love laying by our side.  Everyone who is a dog person should have a Goldendoodle or three!  


Our Family

F1B  "JETTA MAE"   medium 45lbs

F1 "LILY ANN"standard 60 lbs

MALE F1B "PORTER" medium 56 lbs


F1B  "ROXY JO"medium 38lbs

"Penny" Toy size 16lbs

"Tess"  F1 standard 45lbs

  • Lily & Porters pups F2b

  • Jetta & Porters pups multigen
  • Roxy & Porters pups multigen
  • Scarlet Poodle

  • Lily Ann & Tess F1

  • Porter,Roxy & Jetta MaeF1b

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